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Driver FAQs
Do you want to be a driver?

As long as you having car, you are always welcome to join in the Anemon Ride community. But you may increase your credits to get more carpool changes. There are some ways to increase your credits:
1) Verify your identity with IC
2) Possess a competent and valid Driving License
3) Link your student email with registered account.

Do I need to apply as Anemon Ride’s driver before I offer any rides? ; is there any application fee?

You can choose not to. But the less credits you have, the less chances you get more passengers. If you choose so. You need to go through Anemon Ride driver’s application process. There are some basic documents needed such as a photocopy of Identity Card, Driving License,Student’s ID. Watermark will apply on your photocopied documents when uploaded to Anemon Ride. In addition, you need to fill in some required general information. You need to complete all the information in order to smoothen the application process. The approval rights will always with Anemon Ride.

What I need to do after approval grant as Anemon Ride’s driver?

You will found that your profile dashboard showing the privilege was unlocked. Some special features unlocked such as "Female Only". Please ensure all information submitted are correct thus your driver application will be revoked.

What if i changed my vehicle.

You are not allow to edit your vehicle photo. Please contact admin and we will update for you.
Frequently Asked Questions for Drivers

How to Post A Carpool Trip?

Enter your profile dashboard page. Click the button” Start Carpool” at left side panel and complete the required columns in the form. You can specified your own requirement for your own carpool trip. After posted you can accept & reject passengers at "My Profile > My Listing" > "Carpool" and edit your carpool details. Do take note, some information are restrict to edit.

How can i delete my carpool?

Anemon Ride will not allow driver to delete their carpool trip. You can update at your "Description" section which you refuse to pick up any passengers for the trip or mark the carpool as "Completed" if no passengers joined.

How do i collect the money from passengers.

You can collect your fees after completed your carpool trip.Early fee collection is forbidden. Anemon Ride reserves the rights to revoke your driver qualification if you breach the rule.

How can i contact passengers after accepted them.

When you accepted the user. His/her information will display on your carpool listing. You are recommended to contact them by phone number and ensure the phone number are valid. You can also use our messenger to chat with the user to obtain other contact channels or details.

My passengers having bad attitude. How can i do

Unfortunately Anemon Ride unable to provide any immediate assist regarding this unpredictable issue. However you can rate your passengers with our rating system, bad ratings will reduce the user credits.

Can i have my friend join the carpool without apply with the system

Anemon Ride strictly forbid such situation occur during any carpool trips. You can always note down in your remark in your carpool trip to remind other passengers on the carpool trip. If we found that the passengers amount are not correspond without any early informing, your account will be suspended.