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Empty seats available in your car, Ride needed by someone else.Trusted driver Hunted, Valuable rider Spotted.

5 Main Steps that lead you in Anemonride.

  • Register

    First and foremost, register your account with your personal email. Keep in mind, you can only access to Anemon Ride basic carpool features but not the student privilege carpool feature if you are not linked campus’ email.So, Unlock it with your campus’ email.

  • Verify email.

    Sign in your email and click on the activation link. Inactivated emails are unable to login.

  • Complete your profile

    A completed profile will increase people’ confidence towards you; either you are a driver or a passenger. It will be more comfortable if you know who you’re going to travel along your carpool journey.

  • Start carpool?

    Just submit your carpool details and you are good to go. But maybe you should earn some credits through identity authentication & etc. We will proceed your application as soon as possible. Anywhere, is depend on you.

  • No idea for fare price?

    No problem, our system will automatically calculate the suggested fares for you.

  • Share ride?

    Looking for ride? Check our list and join in the right carpool trip!

Seem like you get it!