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Passenger FAQs
How to become valid passenger?

Simple, as long as you got valid personal email. Register yourself under Anemon Ride and you are good to go! To unlock student privilege. Just make sure that you can access to your student email would do.

Can i join carpool without register as user?

Unfortunately, you can’t. Safety is actually a mutual concern for both passenger and driver. Anemon Ride need to ensure both parties benefits thus without any registered account, you are not allowed to use Anemon Ride’s service system.

Why my student email are not accepted by system?

Prior to your application submission, please make sure your email details and format are correct. Kindly refer to the university lists to double confirm if your campus is actually covered by Anemon Ride. If your university is yet to include in the list thus you can apply directly with Anemon Ride. We will assess your application; if your campus students reached a certain amount then Anemon Ride will bring in your campus into our University list.

I just signed up. What next?.

Login to your account. Update your profile and you are good to go. Choose a carpool and wait for driver to accept your request.

How to join the carpool?.

Go to carpool list. Find the carpool which suitable for your schedule. Click "Join" and wait driver to accept. If the request was accepted. Email will send to your registered personal email. You can check your status at "My Profile > My Ride"

Will I be sitting with other passengers I do not know in the car?.

There is a possibility that you might share your carpool ride with the driver’s friends, family members or other passengers who aboard before you. However, at most of the time, the carpool trip will only involve the you and the driver. It is a compulsory step for the driver to inform you if there is other passengers in the car.

What if I am carrying luggage or other bulky items?

Do inform your driver immediately once he/she accepted your ride request. It won’t be nice if the car doesn’t have enough capacity to fit your stuff too. Thus, inform the driver first.
Frequently Asked Questions for Passengers

Why i cannot "request" two carpool at the same time?

This is to avoid situation like two drivers accepted the same passenger at the same time. You need to cancel the previous request and make the new request later. However, you kept cancel your request too frequent with no any valid reason thus your account will suspend.

How can i contact driver.

When you have accepted by the driver. His/her information will display on your ride listing. You are recommended to contact them by phone number and ensure the phone number are valid. You can also use our messenger to chat with the driver obtain other contact channels or details.

My driver having bad attitude when driving. How can i do

Unfortunately Anemon Ride unable to provide any immediate assist regarding this unpredictable issue. However you can rate your driver with our rating system after the trip completed and let other users notice in the future time.

How can i ensure my safety during journey?

First, you can always ask the driver to show his/her student ID /IC to confirm his/her identity. Second, ensure the passengers amount is the same which shown in Anemon Ride system’s record. Thirdly, send the vehicle details or photo to your trusted friend. Fourth, update your close friend about your location from time-to-time. Take note that, if there is details differ with the previous information that you have seen then don't enter the vehicle.

Can I book a ride for someone else? Can I bring my friends along?

We are strictly forbidden for this situation. If Anemon Ride received any report regarding someone violated the policy then particular account will be suspended.